Friday, December 14, 2012

Human Trafficking Hotline Flyer

A while back, I wrote about International Justice Mission's launch of the "Freedom Commons" webpage. This is a website showing steps that you as an individual can take to combat human trafficking. For example, the site provides form letters that you can send to your representatives in Congress regarding upcoming votes on trafficking-related legislation.

One thing I did recently from this site was to print out and post flyers in my community for the National Trafficking Hotline. These flyers provide information about what trafficking is and the phone number for a confidential toll-free hotline that you can call if you are a victim of trafficking or have suspicions about an instance of trafficking. Download the flyer here!

Also, after you print out the flyer and put it up, you can tag your efforts in an online interactive map here!

This is such an easy thing to do, yet it has the potential to change someone's life. So try it! Put up flyers at your workplace, church, community center, or other local establishment, and become a modern-day abolitionist!

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